Husker Hort

A Nebraska View of Horticulture

About Husker Hort

Elizabeth Exstrom, Extension Educator

Elizabeth Exstrom is an Extension Educator with Nebraska Extension in Hall County, her focus area is resource efficient landscapes and has an interest in youth gardening.

Nebraska Extension in an extension of  the University in 83 of the 93 counties across Nebraska that offers researched based information to the constituents of the state on a wide range of topics.  To find out more about Nebraska Extension visit

You can also follow her on Twitter (@HuskerHort), Instagram (@huskerhort) and Facebook (HuskerHort).

5 thoughts on “About Husker Hort

  1. We have little dark brown worms that curl up too. Millions come out st night under the mercury light. In house too. Have seen them but this year terrible. I always called them wireworms by what are they? Good or bad?

  2. Notice the Ash Borer is in the Lincoln area now. Is there any recommendations you would give us in GI to combat any infestation of our Ash Trees at this time?????

    • Thanks for the question. The recommendation of the Nebraska Forest Service is to not apply products until we are within the 15 mile radius of the designated infestation. At this point in time, Grand Island is still outside of that treatment recommendation area. Additionally we are also out of the recommended treatment window for this late in the season.

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