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Barbecue, Popsicles & Nutsedge Control

Yellow Nutsedge in flower.

Ahhh… summer. The ‘official’ start to summer is June 21, but you can bet we have already felt those summer temperatures. The start of summer is more than just about barbecue and popsicles, its also an important date to keep in mind if you are controlling yellow nutsedge.

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Is it Winter Desiccation or Something More?

Now that spring has sprung, it is the perfect time to get out into the landscape and take inventory of how the plants fared during the winter. We might have thought it was a ‘mild’ winter by Nebraska standards, but some of our trees thought otherwise. Winter desiccation is the major culprit for browning trees and the extent of damage to plants might not be fully realized until now.

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2022 Central Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Training

Do you enjoy plants and gardening? Are you looking to learn more and hone your skills but don’t know where to go? The Extension Master Gardener program will educate you on many aspects of horticulture, allow you to test your knowledge and skills, all while serving your local community.

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Carpenter Ants: the misunderstood ant

Carpenter ants are one insect that are often misunderstood. They are an important part in the circle of life in decaying wood. Knowing a little more about these insects will help to understand why they are in a specific location and whether or not it might be possible to control them.

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Winter Desiccation

We had been spoiled this winter.  Until now, we have had a pretty ‘calm’ winter in Central Nebraska.  This past week we were reminded of what a normal winters in Nebraska feels like.  Sustained winds and subzero temperatures weren’t just hard on us, they were also hard on our landscape.  Find out what to be on the lookout for come spring and what you can do now to help the landscape yet this winter. Continue reading

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Winter Tree Care


Ice covered pine needles. Photo by V. Jedlicka

Winter in Nebraska can be summed up in one word, unpredictable.  No matter what the weather does this winter, break out of the house to complete a few quick and easy tasks in your landscape to keep you trees and shrubs in tip-top shape.  Continue reading

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Pine Wilt Woes


Tree on the far left was killed by pine wilt.

There is a problem affecting pine trees in Nebraska, pine wilt.  Pine wilt is caused by a tiny organism that can produce big problems.  With a little education you can be well informed on this problem and know what to do if it happens. Continue reading

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A Tree-mendous Investment


Trees grown in root producing containers

Spring is here which means that it’s a wonderful time to plant a tree.  There are lots of choices out there when it comes to selecting a tree.  Find out some tree selecting and planting tips to make sure your tree is a long-term investment. Continue reading

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Post-Holiday Plant Care

pointHappy Holidays! Now that the holidays are over, the real work begins.  Time to get on the treadmill, put the holiday decorations away, and decide what to do with those holiday plants. You can keep these plants year-round with little trouble with a little help and know-how. Continue reading